silent witness

I’ve returned to this image once again. This time, the photograph of my father and our farm’s aged oak has become part of a simple memory collage. A Thanksgiving holiday never passes that I do not think of them.

My father has been absent from our gatherings for twenty years. The oak has acted as a silent witness to them all, viewing the comings and goings of six generations over a span of one hundred and thirty years.


  1. Thanksgiving has always been a time of remembering for me and a peaceful time also. This year I am so grateful for this time to see family and friends; however, I miss the prep days before the actual day. You put things together so lovely. It seems the longer Daddy is gone the more I try to engrave each memory more intensely. We have been so blessed to have all of these memories.

  2. We have been blessed. Looking forward to future prep days!