stitch in time

The recycled wool was salvaged from a garment worn in 1995. The coins bear a date of 1965. The vintage linens are older still. 

With each stitch, it’s as if past becomes present, evolving ever slowly into anticipated future.



This week, I made a few thank you cards for a number of women in my life—some for family and friends that assisted me during recent family events, another for the Managing Editor of Sew Somerset, Christine Stephens, who graciously included a bit of my work in this summer’s issue. As usual, I crafted my cards from an assortment of new and recycled materials. For these, I used ribbon and a glass vial from The Shoppe at Somerset, as well as pieces of a wedding invitation, lace, and scrapbook paper from my studio stash.

This is one of my favorites. Tucked amongst the fabric and paper is a vial of bath salts- a small offering intended to promote a moment of relaxation for the recipient. I suppose one could also fill the vial with seeds for a gardener, or perhaps, a written note for a loved one.

It seems there are always so many reasons and so many ways to be thankful.


house of prayer

To be relieved of oneself
is the greatest freedom.
To escape one’s own incessant pleadings,

For what is to be found in such desultory speak?
Nothing it seems,
but the impractical,
the foolish,
and more often than not,
the unkind.

There is only one voice,
other, yet the same,
that speaks as I vacate myself-
kind mother, wise woman, friend.

It is the voice I will not silence.

Instead, I welcome her to that place of being,
where birthing, believing, and beatification are born,
where listening and living become the house of prayer.

- l. katherine roberts