in the green

I was delighted to be included in the Autumn 2014 issue of GreenCraft magazine and truly surprised when my son pointed out the cover caption, which referred to one of my articles.  Actually, I greeted his observation with a peal of laughter, because the project it referenced described my simple, yet somewhat humorous, attempt to find a lovely solution to a not so lovely problem-- a creative experiment that, at times, amused both family and friends.

In my GreenCraft articles, it’s easy to see how one can be inspired by the business of everyday life. Even the most ordinary activities like grocery shopping, buying stamps, or dealing with pesky pests can provide opportunities for creative exploration.  


Maybe that is why I enjoy so many of the Stampington and Company publications. They offer both readers and contributors an occasion to consider life from a unique perspective, one that unites simple beauty with experimentation and play. Within these publications, I am reminded again and again of the youthful inventiveness that exists within us all. 

Images:  GreenCraft Autumn 2014 Copyright © 2013 Stampington & Company, LLC


rubber band

This rubber band came into my life this week . . . and I noticed, because most of the rubber bands I see on a daily basis, wrapped around bundles of mail, are shades of tan and beige. Occasionally, I come across a blue band that has been used to secure celery stalks or flower stems. But, orange . . .

As it happens, I was working on a thank you note for Devon Warren, editor of GreenCraft magazine. Some of my work was included in the Autumn 2014 edition (more on that later), and I wanted to express my appreciation. Being in a “green” state of mind only fueled my interest in creating something with the rubber band.

And this is what emerged-- courtesy of a hairpin, stamp, and some college marketing materials.

I know this seems to be a particularly silly post, but I think that’s exactly what it needs to be. This past week has been filled with everything but silly—waiting on results of a biopsy, meeting deadlines, reconciling bank accounts, etc.  I was in dire need of some playful, creative time to balance some of the fruitful, yet somewhat draining, intensity of recent events.

So today, I’m thankful for “green” thoughts, orange bands, negative test results, and so much more.


making a match

Working with a black and white palette continues to pique my creative interest. As I was crafting these tags, I found myself pairing this classic combination with black and crème Lokta paper and miscellaneous earrings, buttons, and findings. Very quickly, the mismatched became a suitable match for gifting.