The inspiration?--a feather lying on the asphalt.  The result?-- a little note set pairing organic and synthetic materials. The final touch?--an Eryngium stem in lavender and green. Enjoy.


reflection over time

As I was preparing for the Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit, which opened today, I found myself returning to the art of assemblage. I was rather surprised when my original two-dimensional design morphed into a three-dimensional spare, white piece.

Within the small white handcrafted box, I composed many of my usual materials in unusual ways- the crucifix was reversed, the key, hidden, and the clock pieces strewn about, as if the confines of perceived time had been shattered. 

Click on this link to learn more about the exhibit: Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit


picture perfect

To accompany the flower vials I mentioned a few weeks ago, I crafted two decorative paper pockets. Their design was patterned after a clothing tag that had been lying about my worktable for quite some time, seemingly vying for some creative attention.

A bit of cutting, folding and pasting was all that was required for their making, which incorporated some vintage French text, photographs, buttons and adhesive text strips. I thought they might be pretty pinned to a memo board, tied to a gift or crafted as a family memento.

Image:  Somerset Life Winter 2018 Copyright © 2018 Stampington & Company, LLC


winter sojourn

Each January, in acknowledgement of the Epiphany season, I craft a few cards for family and friends. The papers, small embellishments and lines of poetry I utilize are selected with great care.

It is my winter sojourn-- a creative journey imbued with contemplation, an artistic expression of my ongoing affection.


floral notes

Should you need a bit of green during these cold winter days, consider making some floral water vials for your memo board. They'll provide a place to stop and smell the roses each and every day.

Image:  Somerset Life Winter 2018 Copyright © 2018 Stampington & Company, LLC


wired for the holidays

One holiday season, long ago, my sister and I were presented with a bowl of glass beads to string together for Christmas garland. I think that was the beginning of what has become a life-long habit--crafting holiday wrappings and décor.

This year, one of my projects is wired button garland. The buttons and crystals found their way into my possession upon the passing of my grandmother and mother. For years, I've wondered what I might do with all those buttons. Now I know . . .