lavender & blue

I have lavender growing in the garden this year—a bit of a miracle for me. I’ve never been able to keep it alive for any period of time, so I’m enjoying it immensely, cutting and drying it for gifts and projects.

In one instance, I paired some lavender stems with a deep blue ribbon. Intrigued by the combination, I decided to stop and take a photograph of this pairing. The handcrafted communion plate is a favorite of mine. So happy I retrieved it from the kitchen cabinet.


mini meditations

I was delighted to learn these little collages would be included in Somerset Studio’s July/August issue. A set of three was formed with scraps of handcrafted paper, mini pocket calendars and bits of miscellany retrieved from the crooks and crannies of my purse and desk drawer.

These pieces developed through a series of fits and starts, adhering to a schedule of their own making, and I’m so glad they did. During their crafting, I was given an opportunity to explore possibilities posed by each and every step and experience a process unimpeded by the incessant tick-tock of my mental clock.

Image:  Somerset Studio July/August 2017 Copyright © 2017 Stampington & Company, LLC


brother's keeper

I've been preparing for a number of art show submissions. These pieces have elicited an ongoing conversation. I invite you to join the dialogue.



This will be my first Mother’s Day without my mother. There will be no phone call to make or card to send, just this . . .

This collage features a photograph of my mother, aunt and grandmother. Although my mother rarely talked about her mother and sister, I could tell she loved them very much. My aunt died in her mid-thirties, my grandmother at age fifty-five—so young . . .

This week, I was notified that the piece, Petition, was selected for an art show award. I was grateful. It felt as though others were joining me in an acknowledgement of my mother. My work had become my card, my call, to three mothers who loved each other so.