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another place

A few cards inspired by my garden and creative pursuits. To see more, follow me to that other place—Instagram (@l.katherineroberts).
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in his words

Another detail, as well as a juror's observations regarding one of my recent works: A very elegant and minimal work that seems to celebrate the visual concept that "Less is More" when it comes to modernist design. The composition is based on a grid structure that exhibits strong contrasts in value to display a bold graphic effect. Collage elements are strategically positioned to create a delicate balance and harmonious visual experience. Expertly crafted and presented, the work connects with the stylistic sensibilities of Cubism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.

perpetual abstraction

Evidently my desire to create new works continues to eclipse my desire to write about them. Pictured are details of Perpetual Abstraction l and Perpetual Abstraction ll , two of three works that will be included in the 2020 Stars of Texas Juried Art Exhibit, which opens February 2.

one year ago . . .

Approximately one year ago, I ceased my activity on this site. I felt I had nothing to say or share. It was time to be quiet. Approximately one year ago, much of my home, including my studio, was flooded, the result of   a workman’s error. Areas of the home that had been renovated, as well as furnishings, were destroyed. Approximately one year ago, I decided to focus my creative energies solely on my collage work. It's been an interesting year.