white welcome: I

I am in a white phase. I have been for quite sometime. Currently, I am attracted to all things white . . . well, almost. Whenever I’m in a color phase, of which there have been many, I often find myself attracted to items that have existed in creative dormancy for years. Such is the case with my maternal grandmother’s gray and white dresser scarves.

I’ve always loved these pieces, but I’ve never known exactly what to do with them--until now.  It’s the white phase.  It’s an awareness of the quickly approaching holiday season and the visits it entails. Evidently these two elements have converged, prompting the scarves’ long awaited reincarnation.  With a few stitches to join the pieces, a cotton liner, and a napkin ring, they will be transformed into a small bag designed to hold any assortment of items that will extend a heartfelt welcome to any guest. The possible contents are countless in number and subject only to my imagination.

For now, I shall fill my bag with either lovely scented bath soaps, salts, and gels, all personally packaged in my assortment of favorite findings, or a beloved book partnered with a hand-stitched tea sachet. Either way, it will be my way of saying, “Hello! Enjoy! We’re glad you’re here!” It will become my simple white welcome.

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