giving thanks

My husband called me yesterday afternoon and related that while he was perusing his calendar, he had discovered something that might be of interest to me. He continued with the following inquiry, “Do you know Thanksgiving is in two weeks?” After a moment of stunned silence, I replied, “Really?”

I suppose I should have known that Thanksgiving was near. It’s November. The temperature has been increasingly pleasant, and the leaves have been swirling and delicately landing on the painting projects I have been conducting outside. But Thanksgiving?  Really?  In two weeks?

In my defense, it should be noted that I have not been entirely remiss in my recent wonderings. While my thoughts of turkey and dressing have been few and far between, “giving thanks” has been paramount in my mind.  You see I have been making some of my handcrafted cards, notes of thanksgiving for friends that have made my life a bit lovelier of late. Instead of combing through recipes, I have been sorting through my collection of vintage flowers, shells, assorted papers and threads.

Soooo . . . I have been thankful—in a different sort of way, just not holiday bound . . . yet.

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