a bit of blue

Christmas is drawing near, and while I deeply sense the holiness of the holiday, I also feel the somberness of the dark, silent night. These recent weeks and recent years have been filled with great joy and great sorrow, the light and dark of life revealing themselves both privately and publicly. Perhaps that is why my holiday offerings have encompassed both the white of winter and the blue of night.

My simple offerings-- white woolen gloves created from Alabama Chanin designs http://www.alabamachanin.com/, are a mixture of their knotted necklaces and fingerless gloves. They are fashioned with the wool of my present homeland, while the gift card pockets are accented with jewelry findings from a past place. 

And there is the small vase, its wintery landscape, a reminder of loved ones far away. One year ago, it was paired with a Camus quote that thrust itself upon me during a time of great loss. The white bulb I placed inside it never bloomed, dissolving instead; yet, as is often the case, a red blossom arose in another gifted vase, replanted by a dear friend. Once again, white and blue, illumination and loss, transformed into red-- the fierce color of life and love.

May the blessings, beauty, and love of the Christmas season be yours. -l

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