a cold

I have a cold. It appeared unexpectedly upon my body’s doorstep-- unannounced, uninvited, a most unwelcome guest. Its arrival was untimely, for I had just initiated a new creative project. Interesting timing, don’t you think? During the early days of its visit, I devoted what minimal energy I possessed toward addressing the essentials of work and family life, but as its sojourn grew in length and intensity, a surrender became necessary-- “the spirit was willing, but the body weak.”

While this has not been the most pleasant of times, it has been somewhat enlightening. I have noticed that while this cold has zapped much of my creative vitality, it has also curtailed certain fears and doubts. My precious physical resources have become more focused and less disturbed by unnecessary imaginings. A certain state of calm has formed, one I hope to fabricate again without the aid of this undesirable, albeit, instructive visitor.

I have a cold, but I feel an odd sense of warmth within. Perhaps I will return to my studio soon . . . healthier . . . not particularly wealthier . . . but hopefully a bit more wise.

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