seeing purple

I am getting my first pair of glasses. As a “woman of a certain age”, this change is accompanied by a number of others, some fascinating, some, not so much. Picking out frames has been an adventure. To be very honest, none of the ones I tried on seemed quite right. I told my husband it reminded me of the process I undergo when I pick out a paint color.  I try a number of options, but even after selecting one, I question my choice. I think this attitude has little to do with color considerations and more to do with an aversion to change. Nevertheless, I hope this newest optical escapade concludes as my painting process usually does—with either a hearty acceptance or a serene surrender.

As evidenced by the post title, the frames I eventually selected were purple. I thought a rose colored shade might be nice--seeing the world through rose colored glasses and all-- but purple was my favorite, as well as the choice of others I polled. Finally, after this ridiculously long deliberation and selection, the following random thoughts ensued—as my random thoughts so often do.

Purple is a combination of red and blue. I think that suits me, for I see red as the color of life and passion and blue as the color of spirit and peace. A combination of the two seems to be what I’m most often seeking. Additionally, purple, in all its various shades, has played an ongoing role in my life, appearing most often during times of transition-- which I’ve certainly been experiencing of late. And lastly, during my recent observations of the political rhetoric of the day, I’ve found myself somewhat bewildered by the numerous references to red states and blue states and their accompanying philosophies; for it seems that I am a product of their comingling-a purple state, so to speak, occupying a place in-between.

So, I am getting my first pair of glasses, and I hope I’ll continue seeing purple and practicing being purple. Maybe for me, this is just one more step to finding that place of life and spirit, passion and peace—a middle ground for all the loving and living I’ve yet to do.

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