simply soap

I have two dear friends with November birthdays. They live miles away, and we seldom see each other; however, I always try to send them a birthday greeting. Unfortunately, my well wishes are often tardy, because I usually want to send more than a card; and depending on my schedule, my creative intentions may remain as such, until I complete whatever deadlines are pressing upon me. Yet, never one to be held hostage by the bonds of time, I proceed whenever my work is done and new creative thoughts arise.

This year, I’ve decided I want to give handcrafted soaps as small tokens of my affection. I adore these soaps, and occasionally, I can find them sold in bulk at a natural foods market. Simple and unpackaged, bulk varieties allow me to experiment with decorative wrappings, which in turn, become part of the gift. 

Pretty paper, ribbons, tea tags, jewelry and scrapbook findings are just a few of the items that can be easily formed into a soap sleeve. After wrapping, the bar can be placed in a sheer bag tied with a ribbon, tucked into a mailing envelope or box, and sent on its way to becoming a fragrant birthday or holiday greeting.

Simple, useful, and lovely--- I like it.

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