idle hour

In the weeks following the holiday season, after months of preparing, planning, and traveling, I craved a few moments of unscheduled time--a few idle hours to refresh my spirit in preparation for the new year and the project schedule I’d recently penned.

For me, an idle hour is not void of activity. It is one in which I am quietly engaged in the creative process, unhurried and uninterrupted by my own demands and plans. With a mind as restless and active as mine, this often proves to be difficult. However, in this instance, the appearance of a simple tea tag provided the encouragement I needed to honor my idle choice and stimulate my imaginative mind.

These simple pieces were made to convey both greetings and gratitude to some other “creatives" in my world.  I thought they might appreciate the sentiment, “a relaxed mind is a creative mind,” even though I suspected they had little time to abide by it.  Yet, I sensed that even the busiest schedule might permit a cup of tea, a note of thanks, or a breath of lavender.

Filled with the textures of smooth, aged buttons and the soothing scents of lavender and tea, my idle hour is now complete. It has been yet another occasion to appreciate the beauty of the simple and the sparse, so much so, that I shall be sure to be idle again.

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