deeper communion

As parents, we are intricately woven into our children’s lives, most especially in those early years, as we fuss and fret over their well-being. Yet, very quickly, we realize that many of their life’s transitions will be guided and assisted by others. There will be those both known and unknown to us with whom they will entrust their dreams, voice their uncertainties, celebrate their successes, and quite simply, share their everyday lives. 


It is for some of these significant “others” that I am crafting a few favors to be utilized during my son and his fiancée’s pre-wedding festivities. Inspired by some lovely butterflies designed by Ellen Wilson and featured in Somerset Life’s Autumn 2013 edition, I am fashioning my pieces with the bride’s chosen palette of lavender and gold and some of T. S. Eliot’s eloquent words.

As I crafted the delicate butterflies, I couldn’t help but remember a beautiful, warm day when my young son was crouched in a field of red clover, amidst a myriad of darting Monarchs- the swirling colors of black and orange filling the air; or how I, years later, found myself transformed by a similar experience.

Once again, the butterfly will symbolize a transformative event. With this wedding, this further union, I anticipate the forging of a deeper communion, not only with others, but within myself.

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