simple celebration

This week, I paused to celebrate my inclusion in Somerset Life’s 2014 Spring Edition, and the appearance of some of my simple creations on its cover. When my copy of the magazine arrived in the mail, I was in the midst of a “Monday”, one of those vexing days when the rhythm of life is somewhat askew. While I was admittedly excited to see the image of my pieces on the cover, I was perhaps more delighted with the possibility of completing the tasks at hand, curling up in bed, and immersing myself in the magazine and all its creative offerings. 

During my adult years, I have celebrated life’s lovely moments in a number of ways, and very often champagne and chocolate have been included. Consequently, when I began to craft a simple thank you for the staff of Somerset Life, I found myself integrating items that alluded to my celebration rituals—chocolates tucked away in a linen envelope, embellished with a cava crown cap, vintage miscellany, and some luxurious ribbon. 

Little did I know when I picked up my first copy of Somerset Life some years ago, that I would one day contribute to its content. I do hope some of my simple work can provide others a bit of the delight and inspiration this publication and its creative contributors have given me.

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