This week, I made a few thank you cards for a number of women in my life—some for family and friends that assisted me during recent family events, another for the Managing Editor of Sew Somerset, Christine Stephens, who graciously included a bit of my work in this summer’s issue. As usual, I crafted my cards from an assortment of new and recycled materials. For these, I used ribbon and a glass vial from The Shoppe at Somerset, as well as pieces of a wedding invitation, lace, and scrapbook paper from my studio stash.

This is one of my favorites. Tucked amongst the fabric and paper is a vial of bath salts- a small offering intended to promote a moment of relaxation for the recipient. I suppose one could also fill the vial with seeds for a gardener, or perhaps, a written note for a loved one.

It seems there are always so many reasons and so many ways to be thankful.


  1. Oh my gosh! How beautiful!! I do NOT have a talent with card making and I so appreciate those who do! Your work is just spectacular!! Thank you for visiting so I could discover you. What lucky people to receive such beautiful cards from you.

    Big hugs

    1. Elizabeth, thank you so much for your very kind words. I am most grateful, because I find your creative work so beautiful and have for years.

      Whenever possible, I enjoy using heirloom items because they connect me to my heritage in a meaningful way. In my family, I was sometimes considered a little odd, very often preferring to be alone in my room drawing, instead of gathered together with others. For many years, I had difficulty connecting my creative nature with my family’s farm heritage, but now, when I use a button or a piece of lace on a card, or a piece of metal I’ve found discarded in a tool shed on an art assemblage piece, I feel like I’m beginning to find my place. I guess I can be a bit slow sometimes.

      Fondly- l