stenciling and stitching

This autumn, I will be involved in a small sewing project with others. We are planning to make some Alabama Chanin  journal covers.  Recently, as I was gathering our project materials, I decided it might be nice for everyone to have a pincushion of their own. I started making some using our chosen palette and stencil pattern, as well as some material and t-shirt scraps. A cardboard cheese box served as my template.

While I was working, I thought the design would also be ideal for a set of fabric coasters. Maybe I’d seen something like that on the Alabama Chanin website at one time or another. As I stitched, I began to visualize them, sewn in autumn colors, on a Thanksgiving table. Hmmmm . . .


  1. A friend and I have recently become obsessed with all things Alabama Chanin. I bought her first book ages ago, and set it aside. Now I'm practicing on headbands and journal covers before attempting to make the coat from her Craftsy class. Love your pincushions!

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    2. Hi Teresa-

      I truly appreciate your kind words. I share your obsession. I have all the books they’ve published and have made a few of their clothing items. The pincushions were the first pieces I’ve stenciled. I’ve only used applique on previous projects. Right now, I’m working on a bucket hat for a friend. Good luck with your coat project!

      My best to you- l