Recently, a dear friend of mine (the same friend that gave me this beautiful hydrangea from his garden) responded to his 49th birthday with a commitment to being fit. The term “fitness” was defined as such: “The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.” He stated that he wanted to be fit for his loved ones and the life that was to follow. I found his post most insightful, but also personally challenging. I wondered if the terminology I had used to describe my life objectives had expressed my true intentions.

As I reread the text I had written a few years ago, I thought I had made an error by incorporating the word, “successful”; however, I was reassured by a quick definition search. There, I saw the synonym, “fruitful”, which seemed to define my desires even more.

I want my actions to be fruitful--for others and myself. I want to bear fruit that is fresh, organic, ripe, and nutritious. The freshness, I'll view as a force of renewal, and the organic state, as a natural and spontaneous process. Ripening, I'll consider as a pathway toward richness and complexity, two nutritious elements that will nourish the mind, body, and spirit.

I realize, of course, that growing such fruit presents a tall order.

Hopefully, no poisonous apples will fall from my tree.

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