The incarnate Word is with us,
is still speaking, is present
always, yet leaves no sign
but everything that is.
–Wendell Berry 

I was working on a white and gray butterfly design (for the Graceland/"Window of Grace" reception) when this collage image began to form—the butterfly never did. There is still work to be done, but I became fascinated with this piece and began to wonder about the path that led to its creation. As I considered the butterfly design and the cross image, the word that came to mind was cocoon- a sheathed body poised to emerge.

On a another note, the Artistic Director of Be Theatre and I delivered our first round of contributions ($1,822 in monetary donations and gift certificates) to the Concho Valley Home for Girls/Children’s Emergency Shelter this week.  More donations are on the way (approximately $900) from a church organization that hosted an additional performance of the play. The plethora of "Window of Grace" supplies will be delivered next week after a great deal of sorting and sacking.

All were grateful—to see and experience such grace-filled giving.

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