intensely blue

This Valentine’s Day I’ve returned to a black and white palette, but this time, I’ve added a bit of wintery blue. I found the Midori ribbon in Seattle last February at a wonderful shop named de Medici Ming Fine Paper.  This is just a snippet of one of the pieces that is currently featured in Somerset Life's Winter 2015 issue, which includes an assortment of creative ways to express love and affection.

Blue is perhaps my favorite hue, and it often serves as an accent color amidst my landscape of white. Not long ago, when I found myself gazing intensely at the blue light emitted at the base of some candle flames, I commented on the lovely color. In response, my husband mentioned the phrase, “as hot as blue blazes.” I found his comment interesting, because while I was familiar with the phrase, I’d never considered its origin. It struck me as rather odd, for in my mind I had always associated blue with notions of peace and tranquility, not intense heat.

I’m looking at the color blue differently now- wondering where the intensity of heat and the aspects of peace might meet. It is a place, perhaps, I am yet to discover or understand.

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