creative recalculation

Since last October, I’ve been working on a fabric hat for my friend. I decided to stop working on it last week. No matter how many times I tried to make it work, it didn’t work. I needed to let it go.

I was determined to make a hat, because she loves hats. I thought I had found a pattern I could bring to fruition. I was wrong.

Now, I’ve chosen to create a gift related to hats- a small, ivory burlap bag embellished with antique lace (a bit of Irish lace, since she’s Irish), silk ribbon, and some millinery beads and flowers. I selected a brass hat pin to accompany it and placed some lavender lotion, soap, and tea inside.

This piece represents yet another creative recalculation. I missed a turn and had to refer to my internal “Siri” for redirection. It wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. Actually, I’m not sure I know any other way to travel along a creative path; but I suppose it doesn’t matter, as long as I arrive at my intended destination.

Postscript:  This gift’s palette reminded me of a beautiful wedding invitation I received a few years ago. I wondered if a similar piece, which mixes ivory burlap, delicate lace, and silk ribbon, might be suitable for a bride or bridesmaids. A bride’s bag could be embellished with a family heirloom —a piece of jewelry or such. I wondered what could be placed inside. Suggestions?


  1. I would cross stitch the Bride and Grooms names and wedding date on the bag, stuff it with fiberfill and attach a ribbon to secure the wedding rings. At the reception, the fiberfill could be removed and it could be used to put cards and monetary gifts in. Afterwards, a really sweet memory of their special day.