planes, trains, and automobiles

Exactly one week ago, my husband and I returned from a trip to Europe. We visited four countries in ten days. Our travel itinerary involved the use of two planes, eight trains, two automobiles, three buses, and more Tube commutes than I can count. My mind is overflowing with visual imagery, but the tangible objects I returned with are few, because we chose to limit our luggage to two carry-on bags and a small backpack. (Yes, me- one small bag—amazing.) So what are some of the items I felt compelled to bring home? These are just a few:

-A holy card I found on a dusty street in Paris
-Stamps, postcards, and miscellany from a curiosity shop in Bruges
-A bone folder and three small sheets of paper I acquired from Shepherds in London (a beautiful bookbindery with fine paper)
-Blue/black/white twine from Merci, a lovely concept store in Paris

Some of the other items I brought back included some English tea and Belgian chocolates for gifting, two small, vintage books I purchased from a street vendor in Amsterdam, and an assortment of everyday items I saved for future creative projects.

I’m sure future posts will refer to my time abroad, but in what form, I do not know. I’m currently sorting through my memories, as I am these little items, savoring their simple beauty along the way.

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