along the path

I’ve been struggling a bit (admittedly, an understatement). Most attribute my current state to fluctuating hormones. While I agree, I do not believe my physical being acts alone, divorced from mind and spirit. So recently, I wasn’t surprised when I came upon this image as I departed for my evening walk, or that I began to reflect upon its presence in my life.

Once again, I sense it’s time to let go of some old dreams and entertain some new possibilities. Or maybe I just need to embrace elements in my current life I’ve found lacking. I’ve never been particularly good at making any of these adjustments, especially when the path before me seemed unclear. Is there a life to be lived I don’t truly understand? I think so—and it’s the life I’m presently living.

A few days ago, I found the twigs on the sidewalk disbursed by someone who didn’t take note of their configuration. Perhaps their mind had no need for interpretation or questions unanswered.

Perhaps their path was clear.

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