lost in beauty

As I’ve started my preparations for the holiday season and the end of the year, I’ve found my days peppered with an assortment of memories. Lately, these reflections and my creative endeavors resulted in the crafting of a few paper pockets. These simple creations will display and store small mementoes and photographs from our family farm and my travels. Each item represents a cherished memory.

These are two of the photos I'm inserting in the envelope. I snapped these images on Bethnal Green in East London’s market district. I found the design studio’s casual, minimalistic style not only lovely, but quite magical.

There’s a chance I would have never seen this particular site, if my husband and I hadn’t gotten lost that day. We were in search of the homeware’s store, Labour and Wait. We never found it, much to my dismay, but stumbled, instead, upon a wonderful little bookstore, artisan jewelry shop, and small eatery, Kahaila Café, where I indulged in one of the most delicious pieces of chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten.  This glass-encased wonderland was the final highlight of what turned out to be a fascinating little adventure.

While I regret not reaching my intended destination, I harbor no disappointment about losing my way that day. Occasionally, one must be lost, in order to be found.

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  1. Do true....sometimes we get what we want but it is in a different form or time.