taking stock

Fifty-five-- it’s a speed, and it’s an age. I wondered if the two are connected.  When you’re fifty-five do you travel along life’s highway at a pace that’s not too slow or not too fast? Is it the perfect speed for the middle path?

Maybe-- until the lane changes.

Traveling at 55

I wouldn’t be who I am now,
if I hadn’t been who I was then.
As if I can define either time,
now or then,
or any form,
who or what,
or any possibility,
when or if.

Long past is discussion of
who I want to be,
for who I might be,
or consideration of
who I should be
or could be.

there is just me-
unimpeded by want,
or wait,
or should,
or could.

there is just living-
the now and the then,
the who and the what,
the when and the if-

just as they are,
just as they may be.

- lkr 2015 

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  1. Awesome poem. Great description of reaching this mark in life.