recycled remedy

During the past few winters, I’ve found the frost nipping at my toes at bedtime particularly vexing. Forever shivering and sleep deprived, I decided to seek a possible remedy. One that intrigued me was lavender scented rice warmers. I decided to craft some from recyclable materials, including an old torn pillow cover (loved the blue and white stripes), a single flat sheet, and some unused curtain ties. Although it wasn’t necessary, I decided to embellish the covers with vintage flowers, buttons and some bookbinding ribbon I brought back from London. I thought the decorative designs could warm my heart when the rice wasn’t warming my toes.

This winter, I’ve found my new home to be surprisingly toasty, so there’s no need for the warmers. However, there’s nothing to lament, because the rice inserts can be placed in the freezer and utilized as cooling pads this summer.

If you would like to learn more about these scented soothers, as well as a variety of other imaginative projects, curl up with a copy of Somerset Life’s Winter 2016 edition and a cup of hot tea. It’s a warm and wonderful way to spend a winter day.  

Image:  Somerset Life Winter 2016 Copyright © 2016 Stampington & Company, LLC


  1. This is such a beautiful notion for keeping toasty. With the cold temps I am experiencing in my wee corner of the world, this would be more than ideal! So perfectly and pleasingly adorned, making them adorable to look at as well as practical. I eagerly await my copy of Somerset Life to arrive in the mail so that I can sit and enjoy your article.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Lynne, as well as for your kind comments. Making the warmers was an enjoyable process--mixing the fragrant lavender oil into the rice, adding the simple stitches. By the way, the bookmarks and paper pockets you have featured in this edition of Somerset Life are lovely. The pearl and crystal embellishments are so pretty.

      Warm wishes- l