pantry predilections

Before I moved, I decided to tackle the hodge-podge of plastic bags and containers in my pantry. Recycled bottles and some dish towels (Thomas O’Brien Vintage Modern) were crafted into new containers for organic bulk ingredients. These pieces were more attractive, took up less space, and made quantities easier to track.

This little endeavor also inspired some gifting ideas. I realized how easily I could use the items at hand, as well as some glassine envelopes, tins and tubes, to package and tag flavorful grains, teas, and spices for others. The tea-stained tags (created with canvas printer sheets I found on a clearance aisle) were used to identify the contents, provide cooking instructions, and in some instances, share a favorite recipe.

I may add a grommet and clip to one of the bags and use it to store small mesh lingerie bags and clothespins in my laundry closet. We shall see.

It appears that order and chaos are the yin and yang of my current renovation existence.

Images:  Somerset Home 2016 Copyright © 2016 Stampington & Company, LLC

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