gray day

I wear black . . . almost every day . . . and night. I think it became my color of choice during my “theatre” years. Black clothing was extremely versatile, whether I was on a ladder addressing a production issue or attending a donor event-- two situations that could occur within minutes of each other.

My current wardrobe is beginning to include a bit of gray. I may have mentioned before, my husband refers to it as “light black”.

Gray and black are beginning to appear in my home and creative work as well. These are some simple pieces I made with copies of the French documents I recently purchased, Finchley Paper Arts images, and some bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. Perhaps it’s my own black and white “Ode to Spring”. At first it seemed odd, utilizing this palette for such a dazzling season, but today, it seems particularly suitable, as the dark rainy skies appear to nourish the vivid spring blooms.

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