artistically intrigued

We made a trip to see family earlier this year. Although our time was limited, we were able to see everyone. It was so nice.

During the visit, we had the opportunity to sort through some old family photos and documents. Many were familiar to me, but there were some I’d never seen. I always find the process fascinating.

There was a particular photograph that captured my imagination. It was of a young woman. I believe her family’s farm was near ours. Immediately, I knew I wanted to work with her image-- how, I wasn’t sure.

These are two of the pieces I’ve completed thus far- collages destined for a juried art show this August. They feature some lovely handcrafted paper I purchased from de Medici • Ming Fine Paper in Seattle, vintage ration stamps, a wine label, and other miscellany. I remain artistically intrigued. There is something about this young woman that I find to be quite beautiful-- a visual intermingling of strength, wisdom and vulnerability.

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