remodeling & reuse

Our bathroom renovation will begin soon. The rotting exterior wall’s days are numbered. I wonder what surprises await us.

The impending remodel may have spurred this little project, because as I was clearing out the linen cabinet to prepare for the work crew, I came upon some items I’d set aside for reuse. Then and there, it struck me-- I either needed to find a purpose for my little collection of boxes and bottles or send them off to the recycling bin. Available storage space was too scarce. 

So even though most of my free time was consumed by renovation activities (I was also sanding and painting the molding in the dining room.), I decided to pause and create some of the simple little bath goodies I’d long imagined.

These are some of the pieces that resulted from my disassembling, reassembling, cutting and pasting. They’re tucked into some moss I harvested from my friends’ farm. Isn’t the vivid green lovely? And aren’t the worn wooden edges of the old butter mold beautiful?

I think I’ll place one of the mini matchbox sachets on a bedside table. There’s nothing more soothing than the faint scent of lavender as one drifts off to sleep.


  1. I am waiting for the next piece. I know I need to keep up with the blog better because it helps me be close to you. You can put into words some of the feelings that I am having. It helps me to continue to see the beauty in the simple ans elegant.

  2. Two of the soap boxes are pieces you gave to me. I loved working with them.