pretty in pink

As the mother of two boys, I’ve rarely utilized pink in my surroundings. The color was almost absent during my childhood as well. Growing up, I was neither delicate nor particularly feminine, two attributes I associate with the color, and the hue didn’t suit my forays into the woods. (This was before pink camouflage.) While I still don’t wear pink and rarely use it in my home furnishings, it seems to appear again and again in my floral selections.

After our small Epiphany gathering last weekend, I decided to pause and take a few photographs of the tulips I’d purchased for the evening. (I was thrilled to find small bouquets of inexpensive pink peonies and tulips at the grocery store during the holiday season.)  This pic is one of my favorites. I think it pairs beautifully with this photo from Atlanta Bartlett’s At Home with White, another favorite of mine. The soft tones are so lovely.

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